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Frosted Cake

July 15, 2010
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So- I’ve been taking these Cake Decorating Classes and they other day was my second class.  We were told to bring a cake to class frosted and bring more frosting to class to decorate with.  So I tried to make a cake super late the night before… I know… I know… and in my hurry- I sprayed my pan but forgot to flour it!  Ummm.. so i baked it, cooled in on the cakes, flipped it… and low and behold, the bottom of my cake was still stuck to my pan.. 😦  I was very sad.  The hubbs comes home to find this mess I’ve gotten myself into and scoops up the bottom of said cake and smooshes it back where it belongs and reflips the cake onto my cake board and Voila!  Rescued!  🙂 YAY!

ugh what a mess- but it turned ok in the end!

So the next day- I whipped up some homemade buttercream icing and decided my cake would be purple… I was very scared to put too much purple so it ended up being a pastel easter colored purple… sigh.  oh well!

I then attempted to frost/ice whatever you like to call it- a cake for the first time in my life!  Woot!  Lemme tell ya- it’s way harder than it looks, especially if you are a perfectionist like me…. But since my cake was very small, I decided it was good after about half an hour 🙂

I also made some pink frosting to bring to class to decorate with.  OMG!  i was so excited with the end result- I had no idea I could make something SO neat on my first try! Let me know what you think!  If you have any thoughts/opinions/tips/etc!

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