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About Me

Hi!  My name is Rittie and I LOVE food… ok well that’s not true.  I’m OBSESSED with it!  I spend my free time searching foodie blogs for yummy desserts and baked goods of any and all kind.  I also have a devotion to all things healthy.  I have the typical 8-5 corporate job that any person in my situation would be driven to madness with.  Who’s to say I’m not mad already though?  hehehe….whOopies too late!

Anyways, I digress- I have decided to allow the movie Julia & Julia to inspire me to pursue my passion for baking.  My one true love in life besides my other one true love – the one in human form of course… I want to teach myself how to create wonderful delightful sweets by cooking myself through all sorts of recipes from cookbooks, magazines, blogs, etc.  If i can figure it out- I’d like to create the healthier version for all you fit-finatics like myself to also enjoy!

If you Crave something you want me to try to bake- or shall I say healthify-(yes it is now a word)- let me know and I’ll give it a go! Follow me on my quest of hopefully healthy and/or if not- Deee-lishousness! (YAY!) I love a good challenge!

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